Darlington Boxing and Martial Arts Academy is in the North East of England in Darlington, County Durham. We opened in 1997 and we have been running successfully ever since - keeping people fit and also producing professional fighters in; Thai boxing, boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA).

Our world class fighters have competed all over the globe and these consist of: 3 World Champions, 12 European Champions, 9 Commonwealth Champions, 27 British Champions and 5 Intercontinental Champions. It has been said that we are "The North Easts' Top Fighting and Fitness Gym". We were also in the top 3 for the Workout Magazine's National Fitness Awards 2010, as best Combat Gym of the year.

Our Darlington gym caters for all levels of fitness so don´t worry if you haven´t exercised in a long while - you don't have to be fit to come to the gym, it's our job to get you fit!

Even though we have produced world class fighters, most of the people that come to the gym just come for fitness. We aim to provide a facility that is accessible and affordable for children and adults from all backgrounds, areas and ages (our youngest member being 5 and the oldest 83).

Theo training with Michael Dicks

We specialise in the following:   

      • Thai Boxing                 
      • Amateur Boxing
      • Pro Boxing
      • Self Defence 
      • Krav Maga
      • General Fitness  
      • Boot Camp Training (Teaching discipline and exercise with fun) 
      • Anti Bullying Classes
      • Small Personal Training Groups
      • Private Lessons
      • Freestyle Fitness Yoga 
      • Ladies only classes
      • Specialised training for recruitment fitness tests for the Armed Forces, Fire Brigade or the Police
      • Suppliers of Thai Boxing and Boxing Equipment
      • Thaiboxing seminars in the North East
      • Boxing seminars in the North East
      • Thaiboxing seminars in the UK
      • Boxing seminars in the UK

We also have the privilege of having Thai trainers from the WMC (World Muay Thai Council) camp in Koh Samui, Thailand on a regular basis, helping out with Thai Boxing and Boxing at our gym in Darlington.

We are open from 9:00am to 8:00pm and have small and large classes. Our smaller classes during the day are for both women and men and classes are for; general fitness, learning self defence techniques, Thai Boxing, Boxing, losing weight and toning up. We also have afternoon and evening classes for thai boxing and boxing.

The afternoon and evening classes are for all levels and ages starting off with the younger kids class, then the older kids/teenagers, then finishing off with the adults (see timetable for specific times for each). Kids classes include anti bullying techniques along with general fitness, Thai boxing and Boxing. These classes are aimed at not only learning a new sport with discipline and fitness, but also having fun. The adults classes are more strenuous and technical (depending on your level of fitness), however, still enjoyable!

You can telephone us on 01325 468088 to enquire further about what we do.